Hull Number: 15
Boat Owner: Nico Poons (NED)
Tactician: Morgan Reeser (USA)

Having joined the fleet in 2015 the Nico Poons' team Charisma are one to watch in 2017 as they push to break through the mid fleet onto the podium. Headed up by American tactician Chris Larson for the second year the team posted strong results in the final events of 2016 giving us a glimpse of what they are capable of.  


Nico Poons (NED) - Owner / Driver
Morgan Reeser (USA) - Tactician
Chris Hosking (AUS) - Main trimmer
Ross Halcrow (NZL) - Headsail Trimmer
Dimitri Simmons - Offside Trimmer
Revelin Minehane (IRL) - Pit
Jeff McCooey (USA) - Grinder
Ivan Peute (NED) - Bow

Shore Team

Logistics : Suzanne van den Adel (NED)