Hull Number: 21
Boat Owner: Alexander Novoselov (RUS)
Professional Skipper: Andy Horton (USA)

With owner Alexander Novoselov in the driving seat and experienced tactician Andy Horton by his side, the Russian team will hope to take charge of the mid-fleet in 2017 and push for the podium.

Andy Horton explained just how close the racing is: “In this Class if you have an average score of four you can normally win the event, if you have an average score of six you are almost last and that just sums up how close the racing is and how important it is to be consistent.”


Alexander Novoselov (RUS) - Owner / Driver
Andy Horton (USA) - Tactician
Ben Durham (AUS) - Main trimmer
Valeriy Zsazarinsky (RUS) - Headsail Trimmer
Anton Sergeev (RUS) - Offside Trimmer
Nikolay Kornev (RUS) - Pit
Ian Baker (NZL) - Grinder
Marco Carpinello (ITA) - Bow

Shore Team

Coach : Steve Erickson (USA)
Shore team : Andy Dore (GBR) and Natasha Santi (ITA)